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Can we still buy the Bowlararma if we didn't get it druing xmas?

pompommini wrote:
I already have them, but can people buy the Mapple Store/ Bowararma/ Try n Save?
I was just wondering :)

I can't tell you because I already have all of these buildings but why don't you just look through your own in-game build menu, if it's there then it's still available if not then it's not.


  • Phinbart
    128 posts
    edited January 2013
    Bowlarama now costs 250 donuts, Try-N-Save costs 70 Donuts. Don't know how many donuts the Mapple Store costs - does anyone?
  • L_B_123XD
    1709 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Mapple is 60 or 50 I believe, was on my own account earlier but I can remember exactly
  • Rowanvdl
    242 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Santa's little helper is 150 donuts
    Pink funzo is funzo is 70 donuts
    Purple funzo is 60 donuts

  • Phinbart
    128 posts
    edited January 2013
    Can someone tell me the accurate new price for the Mapple Store?
  • wolfman905
    35 posts
    edited January 2013
    250 donuts for the bowlarama is insane!! I'd hate to be someone who wasn't able to get it
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