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How many chips do you have right now? (BLUE PAGE 3)



  • anaquarind
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    edited March 2016
    1500+ token that most have taken all day...
    With 209K blue chips I guess you have enough to complete Act IV :thumbup:

    You're pretty much right... or half of each of two days! Had fun with it though, just did it while watching TV. I'd been hoarding since the beginning so I haven't really played the games that much.

    Yes, I've completed Act IV, and got the secret bonus prize of Gunter and Ernst! :lol: (I wish... I really do)
    I like routine!
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    edited March 2016
    Finally finished.
    Chips: 103,070 blue
    Prize: Done
    Card: 11,080 points Done the fully upgraded tower looks awesome.
    Level: 3 Done
    Crafted 1ea: 15/15
    Coin: 0
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