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Question about crafting level

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Cletus android Moes is the main way to get the coasters and key chains, occasionally though one of the wandering gamblers will drop them too, as to crafting level I'm not sure but suspect that if you don't unlock level 2 and 3 it will seriously limit what you can craft.


  • Krylon39
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    Not unlocking the next two levels will limit you to only a few decorations. It does seem unreachable, but only a week in and I've just upgraded to Level 2. Reaources will not be as limited as Acts 2 and 3 get underway.
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  • battlefieldID194
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    If you look through the craftable items, you can see that you are going to need to unlock the ability to earn martinis, tickets and other crafting currency by leveling up. Basically all you can craft with keychains and coasters is walk-of-fame stars, one of the fountains and a few other things. The vast majority require currency that is unlocked through leveling.
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