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Attention math nerds!!! Max chips strategy?

Has anyone who has looked at the source code determined the odds at Moe's?

Nobody has this information yet, although there is one individual who may be able to find these numbers (I myself am eagerly anticipating this information!). Presumably once we have these numbers we could calculate this out, but early indications suggest Cletus' Den pays out better.


  • Ftball2theGroin
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    Yesterday I did a sampling of 50 coins played on the slots. I received 5,800 chips or approximately 116 chips per token. It seemed like I had a bit of a lucky streak going on, so I would estimate that the slots average a little lower, maybe 100 chips per token. Unfortunately, I didn't track craftable payouts (but I did count the courtesy chip as counting for ten chips since you can cash in 10 for a 100).

    Next time I'll track craftables as that is what I'm most interested in.
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