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What do you hate about this game? I have 2



  • lotusmantisx
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    edited March 2016
    mystery2mi wrote:
    I don't really hate anything but I dislike how the IRS building doesn't have any adjustment. I would really like to fully upgrade it but keep it at level 2 because I don't want to store, unstore, store... :?

    This bothers me too but I'm glad I read this thread because I didn't know you could store the IRS building and it would disable the tap radius. Awesome! Thanks mystery2mi. :)

    I also wish there was a collect all finish tasks button and a collect all rent button. I understand why EA wouldn't put this in the game because the game is called tapped out and that would take away most of the tapping. However I think this feature should be in the game as IRS level 10 and cost $10 million or more as the final upgrade, maybe with the option to downgrade the tap radius once completed. That way it would reward long time players that have accumulated enough cash to upgrade that far and save them from having to scour their whole town for every character and building.

    I also wish there was night mode, dirt, sand, or more ground choices, and voices for every character. :mrgreen:
  • heyababy47428
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    edited March 2016
    The constant game crashes and disconnects!

    Also that message telling me that the problem is on my end when every other app and game on my phone is working perfectly.

    P.S. No sympathy at all for people who want to complain about their completed railyards, feel lucky you have one at all.
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