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Possible to store Maggie when she's on her 24 hour task?

Yes. You can store characters directly (except for Homer and Lisa).


  • brogames111
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    edited March 2016
    The 24 hour task is the only task that you can't free Maggie from, and she can be stored directly. Made that error early on, put her on it by mistake. Wish she had a 16 hour task!
  • Ratbag72
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    edited March 2016
    No you can't store her on the 24 hour task. She has no building assigned to her and Simpson house can't be stored either. What I do is after tapping on her, either send her to the playdough factory or if already there, put her on the 12 hour task. Good thing about 12 hour task is you can store her direct from that.

    Each 16 hours is equivalent to 1 donut so it's not worth donut rushing the task, just wait the time out.
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  • BlackFloppyDisk
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    edited March 2016
    I'm sure this was discussed thoroughly when Maggie was first released but I can't find any relevant threads. Anyway, I inadvertently put Maggie on her 24 hour task at the Simpson house. Obviously I can't store the Simpson house and I don't think Maggie was linked to any particular building. Is there anyway of stopping this task without donuts? Why on earth would anyone put Maggie on a 24 hour task unless they were going on vacation or something? I guess this will make me more careful in the future; I'm surprised it hasn't happened before.

    I made the same mistake. Maggie is somewhat linked to the Play dough factory, but storing the factory will not free Maggie, and you can't store the Simpsons house either. What you can do, if you are fast enough, is to go into your edit menu, and store Maggie while she is flying on her balloon, before she goes inside the Simpsons house.
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