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Sharing the Love: Freemium to Premium

This probably isn't new to a lot of toppers here, but to those of you who don't know this is an essential tool of the game. Also, I wish I could shout out to the long time female friend of the forum who originally turned me on to this(her pic kinda looked like Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny) and who saved me a boatload of cash as a result.

The reason I'm posting this is that I wanted to give back for having benefitted from all of the fight clubs that have been generously posted over the years. This is a long term game that can get very expensive to play, and even if you're committed to freemium, you can still stick to your guns as this is a free app and free money.

It's called Google Opinion Rewards

Like I said, it's a free app, and you receive Google Play credit for answering short surveys(most often 2 questions). It's on android, so I'm sorry to those of you on iDevices, but maybe those of you with experience could post an Apple equivalent in comments? As you can see, right now I'm a little low, but I get surveys regularly.


They usually start you off with a $1 survey, though the lowest is 10 cents.
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y11/BlueCamelGuy/Mobile Uploads/Screenshot_2016-03-21-17-12-56.png

Almost two years later I've racked up over $80! That may seem like a long time and a lot of surveys but each only took me thirty seconds and in 18 months I've almost made a free boatload of donuts!
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y11/BlueCamelGuy/Mobile Uploads/Screenshot_2016-03-21-17-13-09.png

Anyway, I hope this helps, and thanks for all of you who make this forum so great!

Happy Scratching!
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