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Zooming Out Farther

I would really like to see this feature in the game also. Sometimes I want to look at a whole section of town at once without scrolling. Would be super cool if we could zoom all the way out or at least be able to create a photo of our whole town.


  • Krylon39
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    edited March 2016
    While i agree with the zooming out more, I doubt it will happen as it defeats the purpose of constant tapping to collect.

    Eg. If you could zoom out with a maxed IRS you could collect all income from buildings and character tasks in a single click, which would not keep you in the game.

    Maybe a view only option would work, at least allowing design continuity and whole town screenshots.
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  • Annathewicked
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    edited March 2016
    If only just a little bit more........... 4 years of wishing
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  • geekbyknight
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    edited March 2016
    It definitely varies from device to device. My previous phone could zoom out further than my current one.
  • 4junk3000
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    edited March 2016
    We've covered this before so if you want a detailed answer, you'll need to search.

    But the short answer is, the resolution of the game and the memory required exceeds most mobile devices.

    If you've ever tried building a mosaic of your town using screen captured images at full resolution, you would find out that the final picture is freaking tremendous. Like crushing the RAM of a full laptop. Phones just can't do it.

    Some day though, but probably 5 years out at least.
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