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What do you think of the newest update?

I'm only at the stage of building the Muntz house, so it's a more than ample update for me. And it's got Burns Manor, which I was hoping for.


  • adruralo
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    edited January 2013
    Though its nice to have a new restaurant, the Pimento grove, it's even better to have Burns manor in all it's glory with Smithers. Nice update. Not really a lot in this update. And the XP carried over it's already maxed out at Level 25.
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  • bluevervain
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    edited January 2013
    Smithers was at the top of my character wish list, so I'm glad he finally got added. I haven't unlocked him yet though. I'm praying he's not another mute disappointment like Milhouse or Krabappel. Also hoping one or two of his tasks at least imply that he knows Mr. Burns. (It's always annoyed me that Kearny and Nelson never interact. Aren't they bros?)

    I'm pleased by the addition of the Pimento Grove, because my Gluttony score has kept my Conformance rating stuck at 4.5 stars for ages (I refused to build yet another Gulp N Blow/Krusty Burger). But if they were going to add a new restaurant to the game, I'd have preferred to see The Rusty Barnacle or The Happy Sumo. More diversity + potential additional characters (the Sea Captain, Akira) = WIN. The current Springfield restaurant selection is rather boring.

    Right now, I'd settle for being able to place vehicles on the street. What is up with that? IT'S WHERE THEY BELONG.

    Maybe in the next update...
  • QCOuTLaWz
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    edited January 2013
    ^Smithers is voiced
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited January 2013
    I'm liking this update as I do every single one. Having Smithers is great addition to my town just like the Burns Manor & Pimento Grove.

    I was hoping they would've added another character, but otherwise I'm content
  • doctoru2
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    edited January 2013
    I love all updates, but this one is really annoying in terms of stability - at least for me.

    I have been booted out of this game more than ever - even when EA admitted having difficulties! Back then, we all had trouble logging into the game. Now, I'm in and if I dare click a character after collecting money - bam, I'm out. If I try to collect money from several houses or businesses - bam, I'm out. If I collect money then try to buy an item - bam, I'm out. I can't click and assign tasks to more than four characters before I'm booted.

    And I know this is the update because I have NOT purchased any more trees or other items to decorate. I have NOT bought the Burns' mansion or Pimento Grove. I did get a few snowmen/women - but my game was crashing right after the update before I even bought these.

    Simple fact - this game is NOT stable. And it is annoying. I've been playing since October (3 months now) and I've never seen it this bad (other than the inability to log in). This time EA isn't saying anything, which makes me wonder how selective this is.

    All I know is that I rarely crashed before the update with essentially the same Springfield I have now. Post update, I can't play more than a few minutes (if that) before crashing.

    This is unacceptable and makes me wonder if EA has people that know how to properly write code. These crashes have been going on since the game first launched (even leading EA to pull the game for a while). This is not good enough. Either hire people that know how to write proper code or better QA (quality assurance - that is, better testers) to ensure the game is operative under all conditions. While the game is free, people are spending money on donuts - sometimes hundreds of $$. With that price tag, I expect a lot better stability.

    Overall - love the game and updates. I think that part is brilliant and I have no complaints (I even love the snow). But make the game stable! That should be update #1.
  • imfkool
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    edited January 2013
    I want burns mansion so bad but I gotta wait for Hibbert to peform surgery before I even unlock the quest :?
  • dominic115
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    edited January 2013
    I'd call it a half-update as it was bought to us in game, and not App Store update. But I heard an App Store update is coming soon
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