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Timing of tasks... Can I manipulate if I know what's coming?

That depends on who triggers the quest. Some quests are triggered by other characters than the ones performing it. In those cases, your idea works fine.

But with the example you just made about burns, if I remember correctly, burns is the one who triggers it, so that won't work.

I believe there is a guide to the later quests somewhere on the forum where it says exactly who triggers what. Just search for it.


  • stuartcurran
    309 posts
    edited January 2013
    short answer, yes, you can.
  • robbeaumont145
    37 posts
    edited January 2013
    Depends. Sometimes you need the character free to do their little speech before they do the task.

    Other times it can work - often with growing stuff on the farm the task request comes and I am already growing what it asks for so when it's ready it counts.
  • sonny1618
    1543 posts New member
    edited January 2013
    Sometimes it's worked for me, other times I've had a character finish a task (annoyingly, usually a long one) that I had set only to find they need to complete the same one as a quest immediately after.
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