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Maximum Character Number.

I have every single charactor / creature lol I would have to count them all up as i never counted them before lol I know shocking how i dont know the number of the top of my head lol


  • mellytan
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    edited January 2013
    If you're interested, click the link below. It has the entire list of everyone who exits in the game now and even their tasks. :)

  • autographz
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    edited January 2013
    By my calculations Smithers became the 39th character. By "character" I mean "has money/xp paying jobs".

    Ive not counted walking decorations (Mayan God, SLH, Krusty Doll, etc) nor have I included alternate costumes.

    If you really want to include the 6 different costumes, then Witch Marge, Mayan Homer, Cool Homer, Santa Homer, Devil Flanders and Mr Plow increase it from 39 to 45.

    Walking decorations? There are 8 (Mayan God, Funzo x3, Krusty Doll, Burns Monster, Bart Raven & SLH) so if you must include those too, its 53.

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