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Icon next to time for character tasks.

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michome1 wrote:
I'm sure this has already been covered but I dont think I'm using the right keywords in the search box to get what I need.
With some character tasks there appears to be a Runner next to the Time of certain character tasks. Could someone explain this or point me towards an existing thread?

It just means that the task is animated (i.e., not hidden from user view inside of a building/home).


  • suznstl635
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    There have been some tasks that I've noticed that are outdoor but don't have the icon next to it. I forgot which ones they are now though.
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  • LPNintendoITA
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    they had to change all animated jobs lines to add the thing that says it's animated to add the icon they may have missed a few cause of that. the "changelog" was so long thanks to this it was a km long lol
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