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any way to 'favourite' some friends?

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A few ways to sidestep that scrolling:

ONE: set the other friends to "hide" while dropping your miners.

TWO: use the 'championship' popup to find that neighbor rather than the scroll screen.

THREE: After visiting that friend, instead of going directly from his/her town to your town, hit the Bart/Milhouse button to go back to the scrolling 'friend' screen, and THEN go to your town. The next time you return to your scrolling friend screen, that friend will be in the middle of your screen. (Until you log out of your town. Next time you login to your town, the friend screen resets back to the start.)

I may be wrong about needing to 'sync' in that third scenario. But that's what I do. ;)


  • stevedilge752
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    The easiest way I have found locate neighbors without scrolling through everyone is to use the leader boards.
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