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Logs me out and I have to download all updates again

Is your game saving? Or do you have to redo? Some people go to Krustyland and back before exiting to make sure everything's saved. I've never had this, but might be worth a try for awhile to see if it stops it.


  • suetopia
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    edited May 2016
    This happens every once in a while. The updates are like almost 500MB. I have re log into the EA account and download it.

    Is this normal?

    There are a couple of things that I can think of that may be causing this to happen:

    1. There is not a lot of room/memory left on your tablet - so the memory cache on your tablet dumps what is in it in order for your apps to work properly, thus causing the game to have to "update" when you load it. If this is the case, freeing up space on your device may be the solution. I usually try to keep at least 2 GB - 5 GB of room free on my devices.

    2. It's possible that a bad install occurred at some point, causing the game to re-download when you open it. If this is the case then a clean install will fix it. Make sure you have an EA/Origin account that your game is saved to BEFORE doing this. And maybe even sync to the servers by visiting KrustyLand or your neighbours screen first (to ensure your latest progress is saved on the servers).

    Then sign out of the game, uninstall the game, empty your device's memory cache (if applicable), reinstall. Let the game fully install - don't attempt to play it while it's still downloading. Once fully installed sign back in.

    There is no guarentee that either of those things will fix the problem - it may be related to an issue I'm unaware of. But both things have been known to help in some cases.

    I hope that one of those things works for you. :)
  • Fettster777
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    It may be the first one. There is not a lot of space left on my device.
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