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Level 60 147 290 979? What?



  • Lottie089
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    I'm confused.
    I've been trying to catch up on the forum, is fight club still going on or did I miss out?

    Curse my working and being an adult.
  • suznstl635
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    It's not as easy as it was when the tennis courts were available. You may have to get out the calculator and do some testing on what can make you the most XP. All the XP collider does is speed things up.

    Up to level 100, it is 40,000 XP to level up. After that 101-939 it's 500,000 XP. I think it's level 100...pretty sure.
    You get the Homerlayas to work on after that.
    Homer at 100? Some Addict says it starts at level 60, but only after finishing that level's quests.
    Lisa at 138
    Bart at 223
    Marge at 419
    Maggie at 742

    I think someone here mentioned you get a dozen donuts with every level after 939? That would be nice, but since Maggie wasn't brought in until Winter of 2015, I think I'll hold off getting to 700+levels...for now.

    OK...just checked with the Addicts and it's NOT a dozen donuts, it's the usual 1-3 bonuts for each level up.
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    Où est Maggie ?
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