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Who Goes Where?

indydude33 wrote:
I always play a little game when a new character enters Springfield. I look at the "character set" they have been placed in and try to figure out what other characters might be coming down the pike who would fit into that set.

Mr. Smithers threw me for a bit of a loop, though, when he was given a new character set of "Plant Workers." Presumably, Lenny and Carl would go in that set too .... BUT, when Barney started the "Barflies" set I had figured Lenny and Carl would go THERE. I honestly can't think of too many other regular characters for those sets.

I suppose the nameless guy in the fishing hat could go into the Barflies set ... and maybe we'll see the resurrection of Frank "Grimey" Grimes for Plant Workers? LOL

I'm also intrigued by the "Pets" character set. I guess Snowball II is a shoe-in for a future release, but now that we have Burns' Mansion I'd love to see the Burns Hounds added there too.

Anyway. Just some idol speculation while I slurp my Monday coffee. Does anyone else play this weird guessing game?

I'd love for them to introduce Lenny and Carl in for the plant workers set!


  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Barflies - Barney, Lenny, Carl, Sam & Larry

    Plant Workers - Smithers, Mindy Simmons, Charlie, Frank Grimes, Karl, Hazmat Employee, Jack Marley, Giant Handed Man, Joey Crusher & Lowblow
  • indydude33
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    edited January 2013
    Me bows to Deadshot's superior Simpsons Trivia knowledge.
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