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Syncing issues might be still around

I've had no problems since I re-installed the game for the 5th time.


  • drumkvadrat
    77 posts
    edited May 2016
    The same is happening to me, I have lost a lot of effort because of that.
    Please tell me how you manage to avoid it. Waiting for some time doesn't seem to be working.
  • ArmpitAttack
    2353 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Y so much sync-ing

    too much interest in neighbors causes your home town to feel jealous
  • monduboiss937
    148 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    I had the same thing. This is exactly why I got locked out yesterday. 1 prison bus gave me 500 levels then bang Bart's here till today. Today no more Bart but as u say syncing gets u back to 1 level only. I tested it. 1 bloodmobiles netted me 2 levels boy only 1 counted. Syncing puts me back to 1 earned level so don't waste your money. (This is after I asked over 10 millions since yesterday)... Take it ONE LEVEL AT A TIME and you won't have a problem till 939 (tested and confirmed). I ended up with weather stations till max level. If bloodmobiles only get u less than 1 level, even better. Use bloodmobiles. 40ish millions and I maxed level from 99 (it deserted after the fix... ie after 1prison bus 1 googleplex put me to max level and locked out before I even found out about the glitch). Your multiplier or situation may differ but don't buy anything that gives u more than 1 level at a time then you should be fine. The problem is fixed once you hit max level. Wish I knew it yesterday.
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