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New Characters or New Skins or New Tasks?

Can't we be greedy and ask for all three?

I'd seriously love some tweaking of existing tasks though, proper 1,4, and 8 hour tasks for the handful of characters/skins missing them. I'd also like to see more consistency in tasks performed in premium buildings having premium payouts, and I really, really think premium skins for premium characters should have double premium payouts - if nothing else for the basic principle that we had to pay twice to get and use said skins :P


  • notDepressed
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    edited May 2016
    New buildings & decorations are preferred by me given this is a town builder game.
  • IckabodSchrek
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    edited June 2016
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  • Deadshot_DCU
    6229 posts Moderator
    edited May 2016
    New characters

    Just Stamp the Ticket Guy
    Gil Gunderson (as playable character)
    Cowboy Bob
    Lionel Hutz
    Troy McClure
    Lyle Lanley
    Very Tall Man
    Maude Flanders (regular alive version)
    Bleeding Gums Murphy
    Rabbi Krustofsky
    Benjamin, Doug & Gary
    Lewis Clark
    Wendell Borton
    Dr. J Loren Pryor
    Howard K. Duff VIII
    Emily Winthrop
    Madame Wu
    Steve Mobbs
    Jake the Barber
    House of Evil Shopkeeper
    Count Dracula
    Klav Kalash Vendor
    Bill & Marty
    Sam & Larry
    Birch Barlow
    Stan Taylor
    Surly Duff
    Itchy & Scratchy
    Llewelyn Sinclair
    The Mugger
    Monkey Paw Vendor
    Gypsy Fortune Teller
    The Devil
    The Grim Reaper
    Old Irish Man
    Alice Glick
    Hollis Hurlbut
    George H.W. Bush
    Jedediah Springfield
    Don Brodka
    Santa Claus
    Fantastic Dan
    Sarah Wiggum
    Rasputin the Friendly Russian
    Werner Von Brawn
    Tattoo Annie
    Martin Prince Sr.
    Agent Johnson
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ & Spud
    Gunter & Ernst with Anastasia
    Shifty-eyed Dog
    Alaska Nebraska
    The Raving Derelict

    Amongst many others
  • thatdonald845
    1565 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Extra tasks for characters who need more visual tasks and who can animate more buildings. They could even have occasional mini events that add something extra to all the characters released up until Level 60.
  • josebot533
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    edited May 2016
    Frank Grimes Jr & the tow truck
    Cowboy Bob & the RV center
    Joey jojo Junior Shabadoo (DO IT EA)
    Sasquatch Homer skin
  • geekbyknight
    656 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Skins for characters who don't have them yet, or new characters. Getting fed up with Bart, Lisa and Homer skins.
  • johncolombo
    11192 posts Senior Moderator
    edited May 2016
    Skins for characters who don't have them yet, or new characters. Getting fed up with Bart, Lisa and Homer skins.

    Yes this. I would like some skins as well for the characters that aren't always busy on event tasks.
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  • pichu2727
    354 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Really all 3 if I could be greedy! I voted characters, as the more the merrier. I love to see all the different artwork.

    It's a shame that the Heights and Monorail don't allow us to see the characters in their "jammies" often. So many of them tied up grinding.

    Deadshot has a great list started there. :D

    Please PM first.
  • tappedout1996
    3045 posts
    edited May 2016
    Why EA are giving new tasks to characters like Lisa and Bart I don't not know considering they already have two tasks for each task length anyway! :roll:
  • petehd14
    2769 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    I can't believe we have no Smithers or Rev. Lovejoy skins (beyond the Stonecutters ones, which barely count).
  • spyder1952850
    895 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Save the skins for special events. I personally would like more tasks for existing characters. More 10 and 30 minute tasks for when I'm playing live, or 2, 3, 6, and 16 hour tasks for everyone.
    How about having a task for Stampy and/or Mr Teeny protesting Uncle Moe's. Or working there part time. Have a task for Otto drive the school bus and have the kids have a task to go with with him. How about a 24 or 48 hour task for some to go to Shelbyville. How about having tasks for everyone to ride the monorail?

    Lost a number of neighbors since the beginning of the Wild West, PM me if you would like to take their place.

  • devilhunt1449
    3458 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    I'd like more new characters with tasks in some of the unused buildings would be great.
  • Deadshot_DCU
    6229 posts Moderator
    edited May 2016
    Another thing is that they need to make the following NPC's into playable characters with full task lists & some visual ones as well.

    Capital City Goofball
    King Snorky
    Egg Council Guy
  • LPLeach
    267 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    I agree with a lot of what you guys have said. But I've hit at least 100 characters and it's gets difficult to manage at that amount. I just use the job manager now.
    We DON'T need another 1 or 4 hour job. Some of my people have 3-5 of those. So tasks at the other time amounts are welcome.
    We need more gluttony buildings. To get 5 stars, you need a ton of Kwik-E-Marts.
    I'd like to see more skins for buildings.
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  • TolerancEJ
    94 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    petehd14 wrote:
    I can't believe we have no Smithers or Rev. Lovejoy skins (beyond the Stonecutters ones, which barely count).
    Yes! Stonecutters was one of my favorite events.
  • TolerancEJ
    94 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Of those presently missing, I would like to see:

    Gil Gunderson (Playable)

    Troy McClure

    Lionel Hutz

    Lyle Lanley

    Krusty’s Father, Rabbi Krustofsky

    Bleeding Gums Murphy

    Cowboy Bob, the RV salesman

    Sarah Wiggum

    School Children: Lewis and Wendell

    Itchy, Scratchy & Poochy as playable characters

    Santa Claus was in Springfield for Christmas 2014 but disappeared afterward. In the Family Guy game, Santa remained if we were able to unlock him.

    I’ll also include a subcategory as currently Non-Playable Characters that I would like to use. (For example, EA went back and re-coded Mr. Teeny and Santa’s Little Helper with tasks.)

    The 3 Spuckler children: Dubya, Whitney and Birthday Spuckler. Also add other Spuckler children that Cletus listed previously. This Wikia page lists some of them

    Capital City Goofball

    Mayan God

    Snowball II

    Egg Council Guy

    Maybe the Boardwalk Perfomers: Human Statue, Fiddler, Juggler, Fiddler and Fire Eater. The Human Statue continuously leaves Squidport anyway.

    Characters that only appearing in dialogue or tasks:

    Bill and Marty, Birch Barlow, Jerry Rude presenters from KBBL Radio

    Blinky but all of his tasks would be confined to bodies of water in your Springfield

    Apu and Manjula’s Octuplets
  • LawrenceCohen
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    edited May 2016
  • tappedout1996
    3045 posts
    edited June 2016
    Good to see that we are getting new tasks for the newer buildings! Good work EA! :thumbup:
  • Fhfjgjghjikggji
    2942 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I wouldn't mind seeing gil as a playable character
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • 1pillform
    2002 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I honestly rather see new skins....since half of them don't even have other skins at all.
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