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Country on the inside part 3

Forgive, if you've tried this 111 times, but have you physically tapped on the lock-box in your task list to open it up and (maybe) let the task out of the box (below it in the list) so you can reactivate it for Marge? This may never actually work ever, I don't know for sure. something to try and rule it out as a possibility, though. Because I believe my Marge currently has the active option to start that same quest, so I don't know why your Marge would be cut off from it. I just don't want to put Marge on it for a whole 24 hrs right now.


  • Pull_Up_A_Chair
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    edited June 2016
    This has been making me silently go mad. I have no lock box, Thank you Al Gore. But I do have this weird quest that never happens.
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