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Old timer, with new town, best way to level up?

Use your first 100 or so donuts on mystery boxes. That'll should get you most or all of the premium characters offered there (3 or 4 I think) plus a bit of a bonus multiplier boost and probably a free lard lad (or two). It really is the quickest and cheapest way to get the premium ball rolling in the game.

The first 20 levels are kind of a chore. You have to have the right characters free at the same time to progress the story line and open up new buildings. Check the wikipedia to make sure you're lining ups tasks where they're free at the right time to continue your progress. It gets a bit easier after level 20.

Welcome back and happy tapping!


  • jukan00
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    I like your name.
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  • 4junk3000
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    Welcome back to the forum.

    Try not to be concerned with leveling up. This is a long term game and you'll have fun for years if you don't give in to the obsessive compulsive nature of it.

    I've been there; i remember wanting to move through the game quickly, trying to accumulate stuff as fast as possible.

    Fortunately I've broken that habit and now i just enjoy designing and integrating new features. There's plenty of time, features are rereleased occasionally, so just have fun.

    The best routine I've found is to log in daily, 2x during non events and 4x during events where the main story requires resetting the focal characters every 4 hours.

    Don't use donuts to rush tasks, save them for when features go on sale for max efficiency. And if you have the extra cash, buy the things that appeal to you. Keep it a game, not some compelling quest. It's ok not to have everything.

    Get about 40 neighbors, that's usually enough as events limit the benefit of more these days.

    Find friends in the add-me threads on the sub-board. Just add the people who look like they're soliciting friends too. Send your invites and go from there.

    Be sure to check the threads here from username LPNIta who publishes another fan website offering tips during events; post your designs in the Showcase so we can admire them. When you're really bored, stop by the OffTopic section for break.

    If you have any questions post them here or even PM me if you like. The game has evolved but it's fun as ever.

    Happy tapping!
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  • Jabba0the0hutt
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    Your cash starts to to get tight after a while... Make sure you open the minimum number of land spaces. When you hit the Springfield Heights expansion you will get plenty of land.

    Additionally it isn't worth chasing the stars so don't waste cash on trees ect. During the events try and earn as many extra items to build your vanity, tree hugging ect.
  • smohqy
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    All the info you'll need, and then some, is in the Race to the Finish thread here:

  • mikepellerin60
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    I just sent you a friend request. :D
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  • someonewashere
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    Or Kwik E Mart , have a really nice ratio of xp to cost, they do however require a 4 hr build time , the price also increases for each KEM you have so if you want to simply lv up and not have a KEM farm ( or for friends to tap) then sell back any excess KEM to lower the price of any future KEM you will buy.

    I usually wait till there's an event to spend my donuts but its your choice, at lower lvs events may be a bit difficult.
  • wadebear
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    My 3rd game was about where you are when * Simpson was made available in early February. I'd just piddled with it now and then, occasionally logging in and putting characters on task.

    Anyway... I'm now at level 57.

    As Johnny2bd said, buying some Mystery Boxes will help out a lot. But I don't think you need to do 100 donuts worth. I very quickly got everything just buying one occasionally.

    The more you can play the faster you'll level up. If you can send characters on 1 hour tasks repeatedly a couple of times a day, then do that. Otherwise 4 and 8 hour tasks as possible.

    When I crammed my land full of buildings and had no more room I slowed down on questing and slammed the Heights as hard as I could until I bought all the land up there. It now has a larger area than regular Springfield and most of my buildings are there.

    Don't buy anything you don't NEED. Don't waste a bunch of space making streets - just cram everything in for now. Once you get to level 60 and have all the characters you can start spreading out.
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