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Collecting Krusty Land tickets before you have it?

They will be there when you unlock Krustyland. Probably better return going for money IMHO but if you've got the time go for it.


  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited June 2016
    you can collect them and they'll be there yes
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  • wadebear
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    edited June 2016
    In my opinion using Friend Actions to collect Krustyland Tickets is always a waste. You're much better off using them in Springfield. The only time I ever collect Kland tickets is when there's nothing else to tap in a neighbor's town.

    And you're supposed to be tapping Henchmen anyway... Do you not have the latest update?
  • ForumNerds
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    edited June 2016
    For the event don't click anything except criminals. Some neighbor towns are hard to navigate without accidentally tapping a building, but try to only aim for the crooks.

    I don't know if the crooks show up in your neighbors Krustyland.

    I know that didn't answer your question about whether your kl tickets get retroactively credited but I noticed you posted a thread that seems you didn't do the update yet. Do that first and visit friends after you get the message to do so.

    Hope this helps.
  • drzoidberg2807
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    edited June 2016
    Yes, I am collectng the henchmen right now, I had the question before the update happened, so I decided to post it for after the update, but it seems like the money will be better to get from buildings after the Superhero update is over.
    I have gotten the update, I remember playing way back before Krustyland and even Squidport and I thought the updates happened automatically usually but maybe I was remembering wrong, either way I have it now and am kicking henchmen ****
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