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Freemium heroes

I have three 3 "brains"; 1 "tech" and 1 "brawn"

Do we known if this will ever change if I (we?) don't upgrade to other heroes?

It never seems to be the case where I can use the 3 brains to any advantage

Well cyborg snake is Brawn
and Old King Coal is Tech

so after Act 1 it will even out a bit


  • GamerGD3
    3029 posts New member
    edited June 2016
    Must be a recent player - if you participated last time, you'd have Radioactive Man and a few others. I don't remember who was premium - as I had them all.

    I'm struggling more with having to upgrade all the characters. Probably a lot easier to upgrade the ones you have making healing easier.
  • AJtheboss1
    3869 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    After playing this event for over a day I came to realization that new players who didn't play last years event are at a huge disadvantage. You guys don't have as many usable characters as we do, and to make it the difference you need spend lots and lots of donuts.

    I hope you guys are able to finish this event without too many issues. :!:
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  • battlefieldID194
    154 posts
    edited June 2016
    I have Fall Out Boy and Dr. Collossus. Both brains.

    I think I couldn't hit the target to get Radioactive man/ or he was premium.
    But good news that it will even out in Act 2.
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