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Fight System Busted/Bugged

I have not experienced this, but just in case it's related to you losing connection, be sure you have a good wifi or data signal, and that no other apps are running while you play.

Maybe a reinstall couldn't hurt, just in case it's something related to your on device files. I hope you get it sorted


  • joshclaywell
    19 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I've had issues with the game freezing, like if I try and heal one of the fighters or do something else. It's pretty frustrating when it happens, but I've been able to resume the fight after I shut down the game and restart.
  • st33lcas3
    256 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I've 'lost' battles I've won two or three times now. Seems to happen after I have multiple fights in a row, maybe five or six.
    I have not had to retreat due to any glitches though.
  • danco214
    1289 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    Twice I have the problem when I won all the characters would disappear then it would say I lost the battle.
  • daved7637397
    7234 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I won and it told me I lost once. And I've had the fighters get stuck where they wouldn't switch places. And when the player who was fighting lost, the other two wouldnt go in.
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  • ArmpitAttack
    2353 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    uh, one minor problem is fixable:
    when it zooms in too much for the fight so you can't see the left-most fighter (and can't switch them in to the fight), you can turn your phone off and on again and when it'll continue with the normal amount of zoom.
  • intbananas
    127 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    After several days of play with no issues I've just had the glitch where after winning all 3 fights the fighters disappeared and I got the 'you lost' message. Hopefully it is a one off as there was no obvious cause.
  • Illegal_Duck
    54 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I just experienced this problem now. I had one fighter left with one heart, the enemy had no hearts left. All I could do was attack, heal or retreat. I kept pressing attack to see if it would help, but eventually I had to retreat. Now I've got a felon just standing in my orphan alley. Quite annoying actually.
  • mr_skeltal_80
    18104 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    Yes, had this a couple of times. Another fail from this update.
  • KrustyBrand
    15340 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    Haven’t personally experienced any of these issues.
  • DigitalBaggins
    104 posts
    edited June 2016
    Did this to me last night I had beat all the characters but there's was a hiccup and the server froze for a sec then it recorded it as a loss really pissed me off because I have a perfect record or had a perfect record.
  • AJtheboss1
    3869 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    I've had an issue where a character would not switch over, even after dying. The game would just force me to forfeit the battle. No do overs either.
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