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I found my old SN! Z94wzE60x8!

I've mentioned several times I used to post here alot, but I lost my town because I can't remember the password or email or the SN because it was an EA assigned name, well after clicking through ALOT of pages of the forums from 2012/13 I found it. I was Z94wzE60x8. I still won't be able to get into my town because of the password issue and email, but I'm curious is anyone else is still here from when I was a regular here.
Its depressing to see all the stuff I missed, and to think about all the stuff in my old town that I won't get back, but I hope to eventually make this springfield better than ever.

I wasn't here until fall of 2013, so I can't help you there.

But did you even ask EA if they could help you access your town information? If they see that the town exists, and that it hasn't been logged into for a really long time ... they'd know that it's not a case of someone trying to 'steal' it. I mean, maybe it's worth asking -- via the telephone option instead of the chat, since from what I've read on the forum, the telephone option gives much better service.

Or not ...


  • nissa762
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    edited June 2016
    Since you must have played on a mobile device, and hopefully you still have it... Is it possible that your old email address is saved somewhere in the device?

    Hoping you get your old town back.
  • Surfcitygal
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    edited June 2016
    I started playing in 2012 and it took me a little while before I discovered this forum and even longer to attempt to post anything, but I remember reading some of your posts. I don't know if EA ever re-released the zombie and pet graveyards from that first Halloween event, but I would miss mine if I didn't have them.

    Forum Nerds is right, it would be worth pursuing with EA to find your old town.
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