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Episodes you want to see brought to life in Tapped Out!

As I mentioned in another thread, EA seems to use parts of episodes for building/character/decoration ideas.

Do you have an episode ( or 10 ) that EA should incorporate into the game?
If so, what would you like them to include (characters, buildings specific to the episode)?

I already mentioned Whacking Day and Mr. Plow in another thread so I'll go with... Deep Space Homer.
[We already have the Hail Ants Sign]

NASA Building(or a Springfield branch?)
Launch Pad

Hail Ants [HAVE IT]

I have yet to see any celebrity models so I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry Buzz and James.
Race Banyon the astronaut (one task can be taking Homer to Hell with him)
Inanimate Carbon Rod (someone stated that a task for it should be having a parade to celebrate it, that is brilliant)
NASA employees

Prepare Homer and Barney for space (Sober Up would be the perfect task for Barney).
Launch Space Shuttle with Homer
Have Simpsons do tasks to help Homer when the mission goes South with the ants (have Brockman hail insect overlords)

Please chime in, can't wait for others suggestions!
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