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Store to Release Character RIP

that only happened to some of the fighters...
all others are storable if they were before event

edit: this are the unstorable in this event:
Bart's Treehouse, main Krusty Burger, Android's Dungeon, Cooling Towers, Springfield Penitentiary and main Kwik-E-Mart


  • miraclemet
    422 posts Member
    edited July 2016

    guess the ones I tested with happened to be the ones that were locked.
  • hot4daryldixon
    355 posts Member
    edited July 2016
    It seems to only effect any characters that are needed for this event. Thought it was very sneaky on EA's part or clever on their part.....
  • BlackFloppyDisk
    771 posts Member
    edited July 2016
    The buildings associated with the sequel squad are not storable for this event, because they are central to the story lines. Homer, Lisa, and the Simpsons house are never storable even when there is no event. Other non event related characters and buildings are storable.
  • Isotapper
    49 posts Member
    edited July 2016
    Two words: CASH GRAB

    I am sure that things will go back to normal after the event, but in the mean time, if you want to free up one of those characters to do something else, it will cost you donuts
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