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Level 25, not all unlocked!

The answers is in the FAQ on this page but for your conviniance

You level up when you reach the necessary amount of XP, but leveling up does not automatically open up quests. As it says in the walk-through, "There is a progression of challenges that must be completed to build. There appears to be no skipping ahead, so the next [non-premium] building in your store will be the next to be built." If you play a lot, have a lot of premium items, and/or have a house farm, you'll likely level up far faster than you'll unlock the quests. Just keep following the walk-through (see above) For players just starting out, check out this for earlier quests: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out_buildings


  • Herm412
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    Have you finish krabappels apt yet? I think she's the one before hibbert. Make sure all her quests are done too. Ends with one with Bart I think
  • michelleus66
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    The post office and Pimento Grove both automatically unlock whenever you reach the levels they are in. (The same as most decorations.)

    As others have said, you need to finish the entire series of quests for the previous building before the next one becomes available.

    After you get past level 21, the series of quests gets extremely long.

    It takes a few days to finish the Nelson quests before the Krabappel series starts.

    The Krabappel series takes close to a week to finish.

    First, she goes through all of her tasks (with Skinner needing to got bird watching for a day).

    After Edna goes on strike (for a day), Bart and Lisa will be sent to Sunday school.

    Then, there will be a series of quests with Bart, Milhouse, and Martin. (With the first one being a 24-hour library stay.)

    The final task in the Krabappel series is an 8-hour "teach classes" shift.

    *Then* Quimby will start the Channel 6 series.

    The walkthrough thread linked to above is very good. Highly recommended.
  • breecol
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    Yep read it, and all on track, clearly I am to busy playing to search forums properly before wasting everyone's time. :mrgreen:
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