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The Add Me Thread


  • Please add me. Daily player
  • give me an add. long time player looking for more active neighbors

  • A few spots still available. Stop on by ;)

  • Lindagu
    6 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Please add me, played for 4 years i think... on every day, just deleted some inaktive friends..
    You have to have a nice town :smile::smiley:
  • VegasAngel82
    4 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Add me please. Daily Player. I don't know why having a nice town matters but I am working on fixing mine up.
  • Hi :)
    Im a Daily player at level 104, and im looking for active neighbors :)
    Your level isnt important as long as you are an active player :)

    Please add me: 2CJ2108

    Thx :)
  • I am cleaning house and could use a few new neighbors, so add me if you'd like. I play several times a day, everyday. Just celebrated 3 yrs with TSTO. WOO HOO!
    Also if you find a useful glitch can you pm me? Thanks a bunch and happy tappin'
  • My wife and I are both long term players and play every day - several times a day. Just got rid of some inactive players and we both have room for new neighbors.

    Add: lifestyle62 and shrimpdip58

    See you soon!
  • Add me daily player level 101 corrinned
  • new player who plays daily
  • LPLeach
    267 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Just cleaned out 20 of my neighbors that skipped town. I play daily, visit neighbors M-F during events.
    Thanks everybody! I have plenty now!
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    Status:Level 151
  • crystal_do450
    232 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Add me please! I just deleted a bunch of people who haven't played in a while (7 weeks and up). I normally clean out people who go 4 weeks without playing, especially during events when I need to be tapping friends. I prefer to do my friend taps in the morning, although I messed up yesterday and forgot until almost 10PM so now I guess I'm on nights until I mess up again. I do my friend taps during events, when we're in downtime between events I might forget a bit but as soon as the next event starts I'm back. I'm down to 31 active friends, I don't know how many the list holds but I know I have room since I just deleted at least 6. I play multiple times a day and clear out taps in my town as soon as I know they're there so there's always something to tap in my town! If I sound like the type of friend you'd like, please add me! (EDIT: One important thing I forgot to mention. I have a habit of doing a "run through" where I hit one or two just to start the countdown then go to the next town. I return when I have time later for whatever I missed in your town. I like to keep the times as close together as possible so it takes the least amount of time for my taps. So if you see I hit 2 things and just can't find the third, I probably just haven't come back yet.)
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  • CamelRama
    171 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Okay, I looked and I had a dozen or so that hadn't played in over a year. So I dropped 'em. ADD me if you have some room. Thanks

  • Add me always playing


    Thanks :)

    Level 64
  • Hi....please addirittura me!!!
  • My husband is looking for friends! Please add "mizark007650" Thanks!! He's a daily player.
  • Sherri71366. Play multiple times a day
  • Daily player

  • I have 5 spots open. Prefer forum member, must be an active player. Prefer a higher level player. Been playing since first Valentine's Day. I play all day.
  • Add nitegh0st -
    Level 343 daily player

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