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Which mini-event have you like the most and which the least?

Deep space Homer was probably my least favorite, but I was also pretty irked over the fact people that didn't have him not only got the new Barney skin for free but also a discount on buying him, leaving those of us who'd bought him for full price with only the option of an overpriced skin. Plus it felt like a money grab to me.

Since then I'm way more open minded about mini-events because I have a better understanding of what they actually are. They're really just low effort time killers to give us a little something to do between major events and give us a chance to pick up limited time offers we might have missed out on before. You get a handful of new items, often underwhelming but sometimes really cool. You can usually complete it in a few days then go back to working on your town (or not even logging in). It's quick, it's easy, it's usually fun.

But best I'd have to say Valentines day. I really think Valentines days stood out as far as the most new, best and interesting content and characters (for free even) as well as an opportunity to get a number of things I'd always wanted.


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