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what app used to put together an entire springfield?

I'm sorry this isn't exactly a help to you, but on Windows i just use MSPaint.But Apple must have a similar paint program.

The trick is to first take all your screen shots, then transfer to a folder on your computer via USB cable.

Then, open the image that is at the uppermost point in your town, and copy to clipboard.

Now, open a new canvas in your paint program, and expand the dimensions of it to something huge, like 4000x4000 pixels.

Then paste your image, and drag it to the top center. Now you'll begin adding each additional image, layering them like roof shingles. This requires playing with zoom to match them up accurately.

Crop the canvas when you reach the edge to bring it back down to suitable size.

If you run out of room, make the canvas bigger. Then save it somewhere so you can display it in the Showcase! Good luck!


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    We need a Springfield map capture for tsto
  • heyababy47428
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    I use PanoramaPlus Starter Edition for PC.
    Just google: Mac panorama stitching software free
    I saw several results, you'll just have to choose which one you like best.
  • battlefieldID194
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    Thanks, guys. I'll look around. I'm sure there is something.
    If not, I have an air-gapped PC with MS on it, so maybe I will try that first.

    EDIT: Actually, it says you can import photos from iPhones directly into Adobe, so I will probably try that first.

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