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What's the best way to raise your multiplier per donut spent?

The mystery boxes SHOULD average out to the best ratio over time. Having said that it's a bit of a gamble because of the random nature of the prizes.

Right now, as far as I know the best direct ratio is with the JetBikes. If you had asked this question two days ago I would have told you go buy the limited time flag sets from the Springfield Games event. These had a spectacular donut-to-multiplier ratio which has never been seen since I've been playing.


  • Ftball2theGroin
    594 posts Member
    edited August 2016
    I did buy two sets of the flags but it was so tedious placing those that I couldn't imagine buying more of them. Can you still overlap the jetbikes or was that a temporary glitch?
  • Jabba0the0hutt
    350 posts Member
    edited August 2016
    Mystery boxes are the best ... average 100% bonus per 800 donuts spend

    40 donuts = 5%

    I am closing in on 3000% bonus now.
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