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buildings and/or characters that pay out event currency (Sci fi)

As far as I know the sei doesn't create event currency, but you got some from robot Burns and doggy Smithers during their quest,the only other building that generates anything is the nuclear power station that generates one camera flash every 24 hours.


  • GamerGD3
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    There is only a limited way to acquire currency.

    -Robots (Tapping)
    -Sci-Fi game
    -Tasking the multiverse Homers and Frank Grimes
    -Daily Challenges (random)

    No building in Act 1 produces any dark matter (Prize currency). That's not to say buildings won't in Acts 2 or 3, there are just 0 in Act One.

    The poster above said the Control Building (Power plant) will give 1 Flash every 24 hours to assist with the game. That is it for event currency from buildings.

    In terms of characters, it is tasking the Homers (which everyone gets), and Frank Grimes - which is the only premium character needed for Act 1.

    In terms of quests, there's the main quest line for Stephen Hawking/Homer/Flanders, all these tasks reward dark matter. If you do purchase Robot Burns - then there is a quest line for this, with only the TASKS for the quest line offering dark matter. The characters do not earn any currency after the quest line is completed.
  • Ehckstoo
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    Thanks for the info. The crafting and leveling the printer is going very slowly for me, and there's usually at least one premium building that generates currency during events. I guess it's back to the grind until we see what the next round brings.
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