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Frink quest line

I had the same thing. Kind of annoying. Could probably look it up somewhere.


  • simp7fan
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    edited September 2016
    First one I experienced was Duffman. I was disappointed, but it was kind of its own joke that he would just go to each location to air hump. Frink's questline, not as "satirical", so yep, just disappointing. Still like him though.
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  • Echo0006
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    edited September 2016
    Yep! He was released as an original premium character and they didn't come with questlines back then! :(
  • 4junk3000
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    edited September 2016
    I'm experiencing this slight disappointment as well.

    But i guess it's an indication of how the game has evolved. Frink was an original premium. I'm glad new characters have more interesting dialog now.
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  • Fhfjgjghjikggji
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    edited September 2016
    he's not the only premium character to have no dialogue in their questline. the others are hank scorpio, hans moleman and the squeaky voiced teen are the ones that I know of
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