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Hai! Gunslingers. To Me!

Love the stories and hoping the film will do them justice. I collected the graphic novels as well but haven't read them yet. Not sure I want to open them. Haven't decided if I want to keep them mint. Curiousity will get the better of me and I most likely will read them.
Avoiding info for now and will wait until the movie release then will read up after viewing.


  • Turkey1010
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    I'm a HUGE SK fan and the dark tower series are my favorite. I don't think I'll watch the movie.
  • cdepast
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    I cant wait for the movies. You'll notice my location is listed as Midworld. The premise of the movie is that the Horn of Eld is found in the beginning, essentially allowing this to be another of Roland's repeating quests. Its brilliant, as it allows some flexibility in the storytelling not having to follow the books in a linear or precise way. In regards to McConaughey, I think he is cast perfectly as Walter. I'm reading the Stand right now and he is exactly how I envision this character.
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