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Robots not spawning

Hi, it's only other players here. Sorry they told you to report it here. Here's another thread where the player got it to work again.

They logged out and back in, make sure you're not playing anonymous and signed into and origin account.



  • johncolombo
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    Since 6th Sept, robots have stopped spawning in my town. On 4 occasions now, having played the SciFi game clearing all robots and then waiting the 4hrs for the SciFi game to reset. On returning to my game within 30mins of the SciFi game being read to play again I.e. Having waited 3hrs 30mins, there was literally just 1 robot in my town when there should have been close to 80. This fault has resulted in me losing out on 320 robots and the associated rewards they would have provided.

    I've hard closed my game and device, this has made no difference. All other game function seems okay.

    Having emailed EA Support, I've been advised to report this fault here.

    Support often tells people to post here you get a call center that can't trouble shoot it. I seem to remember this same issue was posted in game discussion. Scroll through all the old posts back till you see something about robots not spawning.

    EDIT: here is one http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10416966.page
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