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How to contact EA directly

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The fastest way to contact them is to go to this page:


once on this page, select a platform and press Next.


Login to your account. Same login as the game.


Select a topic, the type of issue and add a brief description of the problem and press Next.


Select the way you want to contact EA.


Live Chat may make you wait a while depending on the traffic on the help line and is outsourced sometimes, but you can get friendly help there. Selecting Game Play/In-Game seems to always make the Chat available as an option.

Call me now seems to works only for users in the US and Canada.

Email option is slow, first response is usually within 48 hours, but to solve a case it can take a long time.

All options are not available at all times. If the option youre looking for is not currently available: check back later.

You may also redirect your seek for help to the Bug and Issues area of the official EA forum. Users there may have found the solution of the problem you've already.

Or you can try the official Answer HQ, where you'll also find our friend minicha!

Note from an AHQ Hero: AHQ is provided by EA but is designed as Player helping/advising other Players. AHQ is not support and can not go into your game and fix things. AHQ can not refund donuts (support can do it but they rarely refund anything). Developers do not frequent AHQ (at least not for this game) although they do visit the official forum regularly.

Hoping this will help many people having trouble, this is all for now. Happy tapping!
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  • Thanks LPN! If you make one of these in the Bugs section, I'll sticky it, if that's ok.
  • good afternoon,
    when I try to put the "batch entry to krustyland" does not let me put it and I get a sign that says "you can only place a single unit of a single article in your city at the same time" but I do not have the entry saved and does not allow me Keep going with some important missions.
    I await your response, and thank you very much

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    They are not helpful at all, I talked to two tech support and both of them are absolutely clueless about what I’m talking about. They were just reading scripts.
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    115 minutes talking with 3 customer support (I assume located in India) and to this seconds nobody can help me with the missing item in TSTO
  • 4163999102 wrote: »
    115 minutes talking with 3 customer support (I assume located in India) and to this seconds nobody can help me with the missing item in TSTO

    What item is missing in your game?
  • It is so weird they cant figure that the issue out. Take a look at the code used for metal recycling and compare with Glass and Plastic first. If that's not it. its point somewhere it shouldn't running an errant **** section of code that kept running after it shouldn't. There has to be someone there that can look at it and figure out. we had someone who could site read code. Like reading music sight reading is seeing it all at once not line by line. EA has to have someone who is capable. Its most likely not being paid attentions to and I don't know why I still waste my time other then I make well over a million each time I log on and have an outrageous rail system. Need more property tokens. PLEASE FIX THE BROKEN CODE.
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