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Springfield Heights best thing to make?

Are there any threads on the best thing to make to get Heights real estate points up, EXCLUDING buildings. Jetskis seem good if you want to grind all day but is there a better return for points/time?
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  • Rich0913
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    edited September 2016
    Right now I'm upgrading all my business centers from lvl 4 to 5, each one ups my real estate points by over 17 million, sorry just seen excluding.
  • I don't think any SH items are really worthwhile grinding for the points (same with Cookie's task) as there's such a great difference between the points gained from items and points earned by upgrading buildings & islands, so one dwarfs the other. If you complete all SH buildings & islands you'll have around 1.2-1.5 billion points and by that stage any points from items become insignificant.
  • I'm more thinking ahead for the x4 we have coming up and any future release where we need to hit 2 billion :-)
    But my mum says I'm cool
  • By my calculations, we'll be earning 2211 Furniture every hour this weekend, with the 4x reward. This means that we'll have to buy lots of things with the furniture, as the maximum capacity is 200! So, make sure you buy lots of decorations and items that require furniture to increase your real estate this weekend! :D
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