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What have you done with Springfield Bowl?

Just got the prize...don't know where to put it or what decorations to add to it!

Share your ideas! :)


  • was thinking of using opera bleachers and ticket booth with it when i find a place for it
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • Here's mine

    Wow! That looks beautiful! I love it! :)
  • 1pillform
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    That looks nice good work. :]

    When I get it I plan on making something amazing. Probably something 3d. Either that or just put the stadium seats and surround it with those sort of make it a stadium type thing. Or use more of those Opera seats we have and put those around it. Idk....when I do I'll post it in here when I can.
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  • I did a grandstand in front of it. Nelson is rocking it but clearly Mrs. Sinclair is not impressed.
  • Mine.........

  • Finally got it and so far haven't done much yet. The game kept crashing when I was working on it...and I didn't realize how big it was from everyone's images o_o its bigger than I anticipated....so now I am not sure what I can do with it with its large size. I wanted to do some 3d stuff with it but not sure if I got the space or without the game giving me the item cap limit warning. D:

    Not as nice as you guys presented it. But I'll figure something out eventually....
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
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