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The dates of The Simpsons: Tapped Out



  • I started during the Clash of Clones event. My husband and I were playing Clash of Clans at that time, which I have given up completely for TSTO, although he still plays.

    I didn't get very far in that event, or TTOH, because I only had about 2 or 3 friends...until I found this magical place...Oh how my life has changed since finding this game and you lovely people!
  • Started playing in Christmas 2012, I remember paying coins for that mapple store. Wow!
  • Started literally right after Stone cutters. My husband and kids were playing way before that. Now only me and hubby play regularly.
  • I started at Christmas 2013. still playing, in fact i'm playing now more than ever! sad i missed a THOH and that I didn't understand wailing walls were so good when that event was on. if only i'd been more clued up on % gains. Man i'd be winning!
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