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What music are you listening to right now (v. 2.0)?


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    Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies or simply Sky by Beyond. A massively popular Cantonese song from one of the most popular HK rock band. Unfortunately the band was short lived as the lead singer passed away after falling through a broken stage in Japan at a young age of 31.

    This is an inspirational song about the chasing of dreams and freedom in the face of ridicules, unknown and trepidation.

    It seemed to be written as the group's experience of leaving HK to pursue their path in Japan due to the restrictive HK environment. This is the last song released in 1993 prior to the death of the singer in the same year. Eeriely, the chorus said this : Please forgive me for my love in the pursuit of freedom, but I am also afraid that one day I may fall.
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    A 1989 Cantonese song by the late HK singer Danny Chan who passed away in 1993, possibly due to a combination of alcohol and medications at 35 years old.

    This song Life Expectations, is one of the most popular song of all time and most people would uncontrollably have tears running down the cheeks as you sing it.

    The song laments about what is it that you want out of your life? You chase and chase expending your life and never reach it, and when you don't, it falls into your lap. And in the end, when you look at what you lost, it turn out that you lost everything you have... General gist of the song.

    This song was the theme song of a hugely popular 1989 HK drama that roughly translates to Justice has no room for Relationships/Compassion. Official title is Looking Back in Anger. A tragic tale of a family with two brothers growing up with different paths. One going on a path of fame and fortune using unscrupulous means. I watched a bit here and there but don't have the time back then.
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  • The music of the spheres
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    Fragile (2021) by Namwee ft Kimberley Chen.

    This is a satire mandarin comedic song directed at highly irritable country loving mainland Chinese netizens who are lovingly called The little pinkies.

    The male artist is based in Malaysia and he has no qualms about expressing his opinions and also dares to make such songs without considering about the effects of the China market on him. The lady singer is based in Australia.

    In the song lyrics it contains some Chinese characters which in mandarin, means too honest but when interpreted in Hokkien, is actually a profanity.

    It also used seven seven in mandarin, which sounded like angry but which I believe is reference to a date that Chinese viewed in disgrace. It was the Marco Polo Bridge Incident that triggered the Second Sino Japanese War. The China authority has just fined Sony for wanting to launch a camera in China on 7 Jul in a news dated 18 Oct 2021. The amount is 0.15M USD

    It is a funny song and has English subs though at times they didn't translate the hidden meaning.

    Edit : as of 19 Oct 2021, this song is number 2 trending in YouTube music behind Adele
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  • Listening to a lot of Thievery Corporation lately. Very smooth music with a groovy rhythm.

    However, posting to advise on a new artist named DESSA.

    She opened for TC at a recent concert and i was very impressed. Besides being 6 foot tall, 40yo and built like an Amazon warrior, she does some rap songs that sound like she's the female Eminem. Really impressive songs and lyrics!
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