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Long time phone player upgrading to tablet!

I've been playing Tapped Out with my iPhone 4 for quite a while now. The game is slow and takes forever to load. Visiting friends is a chore. Constant lag spikes cause for chunky gameplay, and designing is very slow and difficult.

Today, I have finally upgraded...to an iPad Air 2! Gameplay is fast and enjoyable, my town feels minute as I can swipe and be from the ocean to the end of the mountains in seconds!

So, what devices do YOU play on? A slow old phone, a brand new iPad, a tablet? Do you want to upgrade your device? What do you prefer? Let me know!


  • I used to play on an iPhone 4S and it was really slow and laggy. Since I updated to an iPhone 6 Plus its been a lot smoother and more responsive
  • I use the iPhone 6 for everyday play. But I like to use my wife's old iPad2, I believe, to decorate.
  • I started playing on a Nexus 7 2012, then started a second game on my old Gen 2 iPod Touch - which quickly became impossibly laggy.

    I moved the iPod game to a borrowed iPad 2, then got my own iPad Mini 2 (at a bargain price since the iPad MIni 3 had just come out).

    With the 'upgrade' to Android 5.0 the Nexus got so laggy I splurged on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 for my primary game - major improvement and easier to see.

    I started the 3rd game back on the old Nexus 7 to do a run through for someone who had a question I couldn't figure out due to contradictory posts on various websites. I played it occasionally for several months, then when Mona Simpson was released I tried to get her as a goof and got hooked on the 3rd game.

    Once the town got big enough the Nexus started lagging again, plus I started having power/charging problems. I gave up trying to fix it and bought and returned a couple of tablets before giving up and getting a second Galaxy Tab A to continue it.

    8 inches seems to be the perfect size to play the game for me. Anything smaller strains my eyes, anything bigger strains my arms.
  • I play on an iPad Air 2 with my main town. I love it. Very fast.

    For my feeder town, I play on my old iPad 3rd gen. It's slow but I prefer it to logging in and out on one device.
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  • iPad Air 2. The game is unplayable on the iPhone 6+. Crashes. All. The. Time.
  • I was on a iPhone 6+S and just upgraded to a 7 and can't believe how much faster things run. Got most of my friend visits done in a few minutes. I used to visit about 1/3 at a time due to time restraints.
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  • From the android side i use Samsung galaxy 6 phone and a Samsung tab4. I dont experience lag but that sci fi attack game was very very difficult to win on the small screen
  • I play on an iPad Pro (the one with the large screen). It's a joy.
  • I play on an iphone 5 and an ipad air, the game on the tablet is Glorious!
  • You could use screen mirroring and play on a 70" TV.
  • Samsung galaxy s5... no problems whatsoever.
  • @Echo0006 congrats, but...don't you mean a mypad air 2? :p ipad air 2 large screens the best investment i've made for this game. it's great to see all the details of the game better and the speed is fantastic compared to the ipad 2 i had, friend visit time was cut by 2/3
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • @Echo0006 congrats, but...don't you mean a mypad air 2? :p ipad air 2 large screens the best investment i've made for this game. it's great to see all the details of the game better and the speed is fantastic compared to the ipad 2 i had, friend visit time was cut by 2/3

    Hahaha, myPad Air 2! The large screen is phenomenal, and the fast loading times are absolutely incredible. No longer do I have to use the Unemployment Office and waste my cash...it only takes 1 minute to send all of my 90 characters on their tasks! It's insane! :D Such a good investment!
  • I play on a Fire and on a Samsung Galaxy S6.
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  • I had a iPad mini but the lag was bad and friend visits were not worth the time. I bought a iPad Pro and my phone is a galaxy s6 when I'm not at home. Extremely glad I upgraded to the pro, no lag and collecting on house farming is very fast.
  • I started out playing on my Kindle Fire and changed to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, when Hubbie bought me the tablet for Xmas last year. I love a bigger screen. I've used my phone only when I really have to and cant use the tablet
  • iPad Pro.
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  • Samsung galaxy tab3 love it!
  • I play on two devices. I've been playing on a 128 GB iPad Aire 2 for two years and finally got to return to game play on a mobile phone when I got a 128 GB iPhone 7. That should be enough memory. I did play on a lower memory iPhone 5 but had to stop last year when I ran out of memory. In my case, prefer to play on the iPad only bc it is easier to see.
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  • I just upgraded my old Sony tablet last week when it ran out of room and I couldn't download the newest Simpsons update. Yes I bought a tablet that day just so I could play this damn game. LOL

    I bought a Galaxy tab e 9.6 and so far the game has played flawlessly. I could never play on a tiny screen.
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