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How are you going to be taking advantage of the 4x springfield heights currency thingy?



  • I'm not taking advantage of it. Don't like SH and it's a pain. To be honest i've stopped upgrading the buildings. I'd rather send characters on quests and make the money.
  • I just really really wish there was something else other than classy fountains to be purchased with the mobile phones from the institute of technology. I've fully upgraded everything so I'm just grinding for pointless decorations-it boosts your SH cash value, but also the XP and $ you get builds up quickly.

    Phones are not like mats or cups where you only need people. For phones you actually use other resources. Therefore making phones doesn't make sense. Instead of phones which require cups and chairs I just made chairs for gold trees or cups for polo fields.

    @PatrickSays what you say makes complete and utter sense. I think I do it because you need phones to help make other materials and I just find it easier having the characters out and constantly making them so that I don't knock my cycles of building off. They should still give us more than just one item to craft with them (I hope I don't live to regret that statement :D )

  • I have been done with SH for so long, I stopped immediately after reaching $1bil before tap ball. I only started it back up when the tennis courts were available and to upgrade the beach hideaway. I thought I would just sit this out because I have no desire for anything further in SH, but if those sadists ever release part three I figured it would be a good idea to top off my storage, as it will never be easier than now.
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  • adruralo
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    I'm 500 million of the 2 Billion, no desire to grind at all until it finishes tomorrow.
    The only interest in SH I have is if they give more land up there.
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  • So I'm pretty sure today is the 3rd. But the bonus disappeared. What is happening?
  • just checked the files. they set the date wrong. good job ea
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  • I was using it and was going for the playground of the rich thingy and this X4 is the best thing they could of done for SH. But as we all know, there is a price to pay. Within the last hour, it stopped working. No more little pop-ups reminding us of X4. Everything is back to normal so instead of 4 days, it looks like we only 2.5 days.
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