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CG - Pirates Vs Ninjas (18/18) Day 1 Ends Monday 10/17 A 6PM BST

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The two immortal beings grinned at each other. It was time to continue their war, all they had to do was choose a time period.

“This colony will be perfect,” the masked one said, pointing to a particular time on the chart.

“Not too bad,” replied the other, stroking their chin. “Small and isolated.”

“There are also plenty of strong combatants that we can take from the colony to reinforces both our sides. Though you know the outcome will still have you losing to my ninjas.”

“Now matey,” the other replies. “My pirates will be more than enough to take down your ninjas once and for all.”

“We will see,” the immortal ninja replies, grinning behind their mask. “But first, onward to Roanoke colony. Let us summon our forces.”

Players (18/18):
Momochi Sandayu
Kato Danzo
Fuma Kotaro
Fujibayashi Nagato
Captain Kidd
Madame Cheng
Hattori Hanzo
Ilyas Barbarossa
Ishikawa Goemon
Tomo Sukesada
Mochizuki Chiyome
Calico Jack
Benjamin Hornigold
Kirigakure Saizo
Henry Morgan
Jean Lafitte

Sitting atop a tree, the immortal pirate sighs. "Where is that **** ninja, she always be making me wait."

The pirate scans the small colony below. "Aye, there be some of me mates. Blending in with colonists. I don't see any of that scurvy ninja's people though. They be too scared to show themselves." Grinning at her own joke the pirate is startled when a black cat suddenly jumps on her branch."Blast, not only am I waiting for that ninja but now I have to deal with this mangy feline! Away with you! How did ye even manage to get up here!?"

"I'm not mangy," replies the cat in a bored voice.

"Argh!" screams the pirate as she backs away. "You can speak!? I meant no offense little man, I just start sneezing and getting itchy around your kind," she continues, still motioning for the cat to leave.

"Who said I was a male?" the cat asks in the same bored tone, ignoring the pirate's gesturing as it begins to lick it's paw.

"Ye have a male voice?" the pirate suggests.

Sighing the cat looks at the pirate and it's body begins to change shape. "Is this better?" the cat inquires as it morphs into the form of the ninja.

"Your ninja trickery again," the pirate says accusingly. "I should have kicked you off this tree from the beginning."

"And this is why my ninjas will win this battle. We've already got quite a few," the ninja replies with a smirk behind her mask.

"Ye may have a few, but they be too frightened to show themselves. My mateys are here already. There be One Eyed Willie. An' over there be Captain Nemo. An' that tight there.." the pirate replies, pointing out a few of the colonists until she is interrupted.

"And this is why you will lose. My ninjas are well hidden. Over there in the river hides Raphael."

"What kind of name be that? and there is no one on the river. Are ye blind?"

"I said in not on, and then that ham that the man is about to slice up is Haru...nevermind about him actually. But my ninjas will win."

"Or they will turn on ye." the pirate says with a toothy grin. "My two top pirates are good at rec.." she begins before the ninja interrupts her again.

"Quiet, we don't want to say too much. The leaves could have ears," says the ninja as she jumps to another tree, leaving the pirate behind.

"What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean. and why were ye so late?"

"I had to help a lady cross the street," the ninja yells back.

"What street!?" screams the pirate. "We be in the middle of a forest!"

Ignoring the pirate's outburst, the ninja stops and looks back down at the colony. "Hmmm...looks like almost everyone is here, but there does seem to be some missing. I hope that doesn't hurt your chances."

"Why ye scurvy flea infested ninja!!"

DAY 1 ends Monday 10/17 6PM BST
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