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General Character Request

Yes I just posted an impassioned plea for the "I Like That" lady, but I thought it might be that time again to put in a request for other characters/updates you guys think that the characters would go with. Feel free to snowball off of this:

Sarah Wiggum

The “I Like That” lady

Governor Mary Bailey, Judge Constance Harm (Election themed update?)

Ben, Doug, and Gary (Homer’s nerdy college friends)

Wendell, Allison, Isabel, Nina, Samantha Stankey, Richard, Britney Brockman, Alex Whitney, Lewis, (Springfield Elementary Update — and I know I’m forgetting one of Lisa’s blonde frenemies)

Mrs. Glick

Lois Pennycandy

Amber Dempsey


  • Also, of that list, Sarah Wiggum seems like the most glaring omission of major characters so far (aside form the ones we always want that may be problematic, like Troy McClure, Lyle Lanley, etc.)
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited October 2016
    The name of the "I Like That Lady" is Velma
  • Ready DC?
    Lets do this:
    The following is an incomplete list, credit goes to those who contributed in the" Whos left pop quiz"

    Audrey McConnell
    J. Loren Pryor
    Mr. Bergstrom
    Canary M. Burns (the canary)
    Dentist from Last Exit to Springfield
    Jack Marley
    Jonathan Frink Sr.
    Timothy Lovejoy, Sr.
    frank grimes Jr.
    russ cargil
    virgil simpson
    Samantha Stankey
    Lucas Bortner
    Roy (from the Poochie episode)
    Ray Magini
    Charlie from power plant
    Francine Rhenquist
    Tabitha Vixx
    Waylon Smithers Sr,
    the Octuplets
    Fit Tony
    Eddie Muntz
    Alison taylor
    Sherri and terris cousin
    Huns Sprungfield
    squishee lady
    Dr. Zaius
    smooshie bum
    Ribwich mascot
    Disgruntled Goat, Uncle Ant and the rest of the the friends
    Robot Scratchy
    Robot Itchy
    Russian itchy and scratchy
    Jay Sherman
    Anton Lubchenko
    Lois Pennycandy
    Cowboy Bob
    Sam (barfly)
    Larry (barfly)
    Neds Beatnik parents
    Various Shelbyvillians (like Joe and Homers double, Bart double, etc.)
    Mary spuckler
    Mark Hamill
    Opal (Oprah parody)
    Bleeding Gums Murphy
    Gary, Doug, and Benjamin
    June Bellamy
    Judge Constance Harm
    Sarah wiggum
    Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
    Guy Incognito
    Rabbi Krustofski
    The Shifty-eyed Dog
    LT Smash
    Surly Duff
    Dizzy Duff
    Queasy Duff
    Sleazy Duff
    Tippsy Duff
    Remorseful Duff
    Edgy Duff
    Huns Sprungfeld (Jedediah Springfield version)
    Bender Bending Rodriguez
    Gil Gunderson (as playable character)
    Lionel Hutz
    Troy McClure
    Lyle Lanley
    Harlan Dondelinger
    Very Tall Man
    Maude Flanders (regular alive version)
    Lewis Clark
    Wendell Borton
    Howard K. Duff VIII
    Emily Winthrop
    Madame Wu
    Steve Mobbs
    Jake the Barber
    House of Evil Shopkeeper
    Count Dracula
    Klav Kalash Vendor
    Bill & Marty
    Birch Barlow
    Stan Taylor
    Itchy & Scratchy
    Llewelyn Sinclair
    The Mugger
    Monkey Paw Vendor
    Gypsy Fortune Teller
    The Devil
    The Grim Reaper
    Old Irish Man
    Alice Glick
    Hollis Hurlbut
    George H.W. Bush
    Jedediah Springfield
    Don Brodka
    Santa Claus
    Fantastic Dan
    Sarah Wiggum
    Rasputin the Friendly Russian
    Werner Von Brawn
    Tattoo Annie
    Martin Prince Sr.
    Agent Johnson
    **** & Spud
    Gunter & Ernst with Anastasia
    Alaska Nebraska
    The Raving Derelict
    Ms. Albright
    Corporal Punishment
    Tina Ballerina
    Clown Doctor
    Lois Pennycandy
    Sideshow Raheem
    Senator Mendoza
    Fernando Vidal
    Colonel Hapablap
    Dexter Colt
    Royce McCutcheon
    The Leader
    Scott Christian
    Mr. McGreg
    The Happiest Man in Springfield
    Blue Demon
    The Gremlin
    Starla Starbeam
    Shotgun Pete
    Joey (mafia)
    Sylvia Winfield
    Mr. Winfield
    Clancy Bouvier
    Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon
    Curtis E. Bear
    Allen Wrench
    Grandma Flanders
    Avery Mann
    The Human Fly
    Report Card
    Dr. Foster
    Chuck Ellis
    Jimmy the Scumbag
    Worker & Parasite
    Grave Digger Billy,
    Number 6
    Number 15
    Number 27 (all three are from the Island)
    Adil Hoxha
    Nikki Mckenna
    Maggie Simpson, Jr.
    Picard Simpson
    My Ding-a-Ling Kid
    Eliza Simpson
    Little Moe Szyslak
    Amber Dempsey
    Bonnie Flanders
    Caitlin, Katelyn and Kate Lynn
    larry burns
    George Burns
    Mr. McGreg
    Mr. Seckofsky
    Principal Harlan Dondelinger
    Farmer Billy
    Farting Robot
    Hank Hill
    Just Stamp the Ticket guy

    Some doubles but you get the idea.
  • 1pillform
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    edited October 2016
    And here I'm thinking why none of them have been added yet. Especially the older characters that showed up decades ago....I don't even want to see the "new" people I've never seen before. Since I stopped watching it between Season 10 and 11. Everytime I see someone I never seen before I'm like "**** is this???"
    ? lol And then ask where is characters I would remember like Troy McClure or the rest of the kids? Or for that matter Shelbyville characters....I feel instead of giving us these strange NPCs that don't do anything. They should give us actual characters instead. And I'm not even asking them to come with a building, I'd be okay with just having the character by her or him self.
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