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Login error

Is anyone else having a login error? It's saying I've been logged out and to resign in.


  • Hi,

    Yes! On both of my devices. And it says my "other" device did not save my Springfield (on both).

    Weird thing is, I left my big tablet on all night (charging and just had the game open), while I took the battery out of my phone (the only way I can charge my crummy Galaxy). So, I only had one device that was in the game last night.

    I am a little worried to see what got lost. Has anyone gone in despite the warning?

  • That's just a warning in to ensure you log out correctly if you play one game on multiple devices. It's been saying that for over a year now. If you didn't log out just ignore it and carry on as normal


  • I know the warning well.

    You'll notice in my post, that I had been forcibly logged out and was getting the message on the that same device (plus another that hadn't even been in use yesterday).

    I went ahead and logged in. It doesn't look like anything was lost.
  • Anyone playing on multiple devices, it's a good idea to go to KL and back just before you exit your game, to sync with the server.
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  • I've gotten that warning in a game that I only play on one devise! Never logged in elsewhere and only had that SF because I only had the old iPhone and couldn't remember the login for the other two. I think they pop that message to get you to log out and back in once in a while.
  • If it says login in again and again and then it says error, that's what happens when their servers are having problems.
  • Go to Krustyland or Friends and back to synchronize. I know.

    And I know you guys are dispensing sage advice. But having a menu that asks if you want to exit, just to be asking, is useless, unless it actually saves your data on exit.

    I feel like this is a bug and we should expect EA to fix it, rather than apologizing for them.
  • This happens to me once every few months. I only play on one device. I start the game and it says "You have been logged out" and need to log-in again. I don't know if there's an expiry on log-in time (like a cookie) or something going on at EA's side but I never lost anything or had any issues; just re-log-in and go on with the game!
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