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Missing XP Multiplier % after updating to Halloween

After updating to the halloween 2016 I have noticed that my XP & Cash multiplier % has gone down by around 70%. I had 1021% before the update (i know cos i have just redone my town) and now it says 956% - is there any indication of why or has anyone else had this issue?


  • A separate thread says it's on the Beach Hideaway. I'll wait for LPN but I'm betting the original %'s was meant to be either HIDDEN, like the other SH buildings, or smaller (ie, 0.1 % instead of 10%) ... we'll see what LPN says :)
  • I went from 508 and change to 435, not sure what they changed.
  • Count me in to this! I've dropped a good 70% and no idea why.
  • Massive Crap
  • I'll let everyone know for its the beach houses when I update. I store all Springfield Heights buildings so if my XP changes it wouldn't be those.
  • Yep. Went from 756% to 683%.
  • Definitely the beach hideaway. pretty disappointed as I bought all 5 for the great bonus. Now I"ll have to purchase more donuts for all the new stuff. EA +1 Me -160 donuts
  • Looks like the multiplier could now be hidden like all the other SH buildings?
  • Looks like the multiplier could now be hidden like all the other SH buildings?

    Nope, not hidden, completely gone. EA removed it, bait and switch, fooled all of us, and then took it away after people bought the beach hideaways. Not ok.
  • I've dropped just short of 100% as well. Also, are Krusty Burgers still paying as much XP when placed? I placed a bunch and my XP barely moved.
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