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Phone sleep bug in latest update

Since last update to event THOH XVII phone can go to sleep mode while not playing after user set time to go to the sleep mode.


  • This is really annoying.
  • According to the patch notes that were posted over in the Game Discussion forum, this seems to be a feature now rather than a bug (i.e. it's apparently an intended change). And yes, I do agree it's annoying. During event times, I always leave the game running, to give whichever mobs you have to tap time to congregate around the main even hub.

    At least the monsters this time are fast and don't take long to get there.
  • They NEED to make this an option. It's super anoying to have to restart the game cause it went to sleep during friend visits. I hate it.
  • Yes this needs changed it is very annoying.

    In the meantime the only suggestion i can think of is to use your Samsung S pen. As long as you hover the S pen the game won't time out.
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