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PETITION - EA, refund our Donuts spent on Beach Hideaways!


  • This is straight up robbery... I bought the first one and was happy about the 20% bonus so decided to spend 160 more donuts which EA values at over $10 only to have the item's features taken away after purchase. Can't possibly be legal, right???

    Open a ticket with EA if you're as **** as I am...

    I did the same thing. I bought one and after fully upgrading decided to purchase more based on the bonus!
    This has to be illegal. Bait and switch.

    Plus we should demand compensation for our wasted time to get the donuts back. Especially when this is habitual on EAs part.

  • Signed. I want my bonus back or my 80 donuts.
  • Signed. I too would not have spent $real money$ on extra donuts to get the 5. I would prefer my cash back but will accept the donuts returned. Take the Beach Hideaways I don't want them now. They make me feel ill looking at them.
  • grrrr I miss the extra pay out.. I only have 1 as I am still saving my bonuts...
  • I think EA has gotten the message by now. It just remains to be seen whether they will do anything about it.
  • Signed. Did not buy however will be cautious about making future purchases if EA does this sort of business charade.
  • Signed!
  • Signed ... I bought 5 stupid Hideaways
  • I want the 20% back for each hideaway or give me a refund and you take the hideaways back. I would not have spent 200 donuts for a 25% bonus.
  • Wth? I Just noticed that after putting two Beach hideaways on inventory, they disappeared. All the extra attachments are there, but not the main upgradable "building". Have anyone else experienced this issue?
  • Signed. I want my donuts back if it doesn't get changed back.
  • Signed!
  • Signed. Have had an EA rep tell me this: "I can understand your concern but EA don't sold the in-game content directly as the in-game purchases are handled by the google playstore. Please contact them once for your issue. If they deny for it then ask for the case number from then and contact us with that case number"

    Suffice to say that is not acceptable. Recommend everyone contact EA help and calmly provide them information on this issue with links to this petition.
  • I'm sure this will work fantastic....along with update the new build for kem is 100xp
  • Signed. Never would have bought them if not for the multiplier
  • Signed. Bought one and would gladly prefer to have my donuts back. But I'd settle on having the multiplier back.
  • ****, EA?

  • Signed
  • Signed, this is some serious ****!
  • Signed
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