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PETITION - EA, refund our Donuts spent on Beach Hideaways!


  • Signed!!!
  • Signed-I want my 80 donuts back EA. I will report you to Apple, BBB or whoever I need to. EA you are the scummiest company I have ever dealt with. You are the used car salesman that needs to be punched in the face and put out of its misery.
  • Signed

    Sold as advertised - must not be changed afterwards, for whatever reason! I want the multipliers, not the donuts. Stick to the agreement EA!
  • Signed.

    This is a classic fraud. I don't mind when such things happen with free stuff, but here the real money are involved and it is a deception, which is not allowed by the law. If it was a programmers' mistake, well, they should pay for it and not us. EA should return the product to its initial conditions or refund. I want 160 donuts back. And after that, with the new information about the product, I will decide whether to buy or not.
  • Signed. I would like the 20% bonus multiplier back for each of the 4 beach houses purchased, or I want my donuts refunded. I only bought these because of the bonus %.
  • Hziul
    2 posts New member

    I only bougth one but would never have spent donuts on this without the bonus.
  • Signed
  • Signed.

    I bought 3 Beach Hideaways because of the bonus. EA, please give me my donuts back or increase the multiplier back to the way it was.

  • EA=tricks, not treats
  • Signed. I spent 200 donuts, not cool at all. Would have spend them for other stuff, for sure.
  • After opening a ticket this is the response I got... I'll give the rep credit for offering me something but still don't think this is acceptable. Bring back the features that we paid for or give us a full refund.

    "I am sorry to hear that you have lost bonus percentage for beach hideaways. It must be annoying.

    Please note that 5% multiplier was NOT intended to apply per level, only to the hideaway as a whole. The beach hideaway no longer has a stacking XP modifier for each level. I hope you can understand the same.

    However, I would like to offer 40 donuts into your account for the inconvenience.

    Looking forward to your reply."

    Which avenue did you go through? I'm struggling to even find a way to complain. It's just directing me to call or live chat which has a wait. Can I just send an email or complaint somewhere?
  • Signed- bought all 5 of them
  • So Im not just loosing out on the 5 which I purchased , Im also reducing the frequency of winning donuts due to the reduced XP.
  • Signed. This is very sad what EA does to us, I got all 5 as well. I am supersad, as i am missing donuts to buy Halloween Stuff.
  • Signed!
  • Signed.

    I don't normally post but this is plain wrong. I bought 4. I vow never to spend any money in the game again unless it is resolved properly.
  • Hm. I bought all five. Not impressed at all.

  • Signed!
  • Signed, I bought all 5.
  • Signed!
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