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Monster timer glitch


  • Yup... glitches seem to be never ending tonight. Also on iOS 10... monster fight counter all over the place.
  • I noticed that every time that we look at it, the time jumps around. Anyone not clicking the monster battle tab for a solid 4 hours and getting it refreshed properly? I remember reading that this was an issue a year or more ago for another event.
  • Add me to the list. I thought it was something I wasn't doing right. Let's hope this gets fixed quickly.
  • My timers seem to be OK, but can only send 2 players to fight in my main town (ios10), somehow my B town can send 4 (ios9)
  • Same here, monster timer all out of wack. EA get your act together you worthless shell of a company. Even after four years of this game they still can't get timers right.
  • A friend on android is not having the problem so far, but he was not able to get the download until late this evening. He wondered if that may be something to do with it.
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  • Same here. I thought it was green space monster was causing my problem but he is the only one that can fight.
  • adruralo
    3293 posts Member
    Definitely something wrong with the timer.
    I had 33 minutes to go, looked back 15 minutes later and now says 3 hours and 57 minutes to go.
    iPad Air M1 2022: iPhone 15 pro Titanium. iOS 17.1
  • First daily task since thoh2016 came out: fight giant monster :|
  • Well, yesterday during my first round of monster fights, I was able to fight three. The fights finished before I went to bed and this morning I was able to start only two.
  • adruralo
    3293 posts Member
    Just received the dail challenge: THOH2016 Defeat giant monsters 0/6
    But for the last eight hours it continually retimes back to 4 hours. I've only done one battle and that was the first one.
    iPad Air M1 2022: iPhone 15 pro Titanium. iOS 17.1
  • The monster fights for me are working, but it's a different amount of fights I'm allowed to do each time - first time I could fight 3, second time 2 then just been allowed to send 4 characters off just now. A tad random?!
  • Not only is the forum looking weird LOL but this new update doesn't seem to spawn many rats! Have to think it's quite poor really.

    Mands xxx
  • And now this. :# Can only fight two monsters. I will not be a happy tapper until there is a patch fix.
  • Does anyone know if EA is aware of this?
    " Not all who wander are lost."
  • This is also happening to me. Timer was 1hr, then moved to 2hours when Iogged in when it should have been up, then it was 4 hours and now is counting down erratically hovering around 4 hours. /sigh
  • adruralo
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    edited October 2016
    trixie2u wrote: »
    Does anyone know if EA is aware of this?
    I have made them aware of it.

    iPad Air M1 2022: iPhone 15 pro Titanium. iOS 17.1
  • I've been able to send character to do the monster task now. How about you all?
  • Yup, cant get any monsters and now my daily challenge is to defeat 6 of them.. Please fix EA
  • I'm glad someone was able to get through to EA, I just filled out a form, got to the end, submit button was greyed out. Hit something else and the page went white and I couldn't get it back. D'oh!
    " Not all who wander are lost."
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